Where to sleep

Where to sleep

Are you ready for your vacation but don't know where to sleep yet? Below you can find some suggestions on where to stay. The structures we work with are suitable for all needs, from exclusive accommodations to characteristic B&Bs, or farmhouses with comfortable all-inclusive formulas for a rural holiday in contact with nature and local traditions.

Short and long term rental in partnership with Siciliarent.it


Casa Elide

Address: Piazza Giovanni Verga, 29, 95129 Catania CTPhone: +393406504539Website: http://www.casaelide.it eMail: info@casaelide.it




Case Vacanze Cortile Dei Sogni

Address: Via Vincenzo Giuffrida, 8, 95128 Catania CTPhone: +390950935490Website: http://www.cortiledeisogni.it eMail: info@cortiledeisogni.it




Sakè Loft

Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 129, 95121 Catania CTPhone: +393487653594Website: https://www.bbsake.it eMail: sara@bbsake.it




Casa Barbero

Address: Via Caronda, 209, 95128 Catania CTPhone: +39 340 316 0367Website: http://casabarbero.com eMail: info@casabarbero.it




Il Gattopardo

Address: Via Minoriti, 10, 95124 Catania CTPhone: +39 095 518 6129 Mobile: +393468617252Website: http://gattopardohouse.com eMail: info@gattopardohouse.com




B&B Papali

Address: Via Etnea 366 Catania (CT)Phone: +393312904517 Mobile +393926149179eMail: info@papali.it




Casa vacanze Tambù

Address: Via Vecchia Ognina 8 CataniaPhone: +393913280061Website: http://www.tambu.biz/ eMail: info@tambu.biz




B&B Il Leone Blu

Address: Via Castello Ursino, 38, 95121 Catania CTPhone: +393246092883Website: http://www.illeoneblu.it eMail: info@illeoneblu.it